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Now playing with players is more realistic and simple with Realife Simulator ! !

We've been doing what you want for a long time and we're moving towards the end, and we promise to play this game in the best way.
Developed every day since 2017.

This is what we do

And we love to do!

Be aware we take our work really serious


Real Life Simulator Project Journey started for us about 2 years ago.
When we started this business, our main goal was to make an online Open World-based game. Our difference from other games is that players can shape a world that can do everything according to their own wishes.


Completely Online Based Game also adds a separate streamline to the game.


We will talk to you about all details about the game with little time to enter the Beta Process.

We've added some details that we've dreamed of to be in an open world game and that don't appear in any game until now.

Before the Game Introduces We request you to comment on this game project, taking into account that only 2 people continue.

Our Skills

We are constantly training






Our Team

Meet the people who made this possible

Mert Nardalı

Project Starter - Developer


Gökhan Karadayı

3D Artist


Master HiPoly

3D Artist


Mathieu Boucher



Our Partners

Sites that we support. Want to join?

If you want to advertise with us, please send an email to: [email protected]

Also you can use our contact form and we will be happy to start a conversation with you. ❤️

- Support team.

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